Beware of the Knife – You’ll Get Addicted

Colour: #34c5f4

The Knife is a Swedish brother/sister duo making incredible deep sounds. I stumbled upon this guys by listening to the song Heartbeats.
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Simple beautiful

Colour: #3378A2

As simple and peaceful this colour feels like, as gorgeous is Leo Babautas blog zenhabits.
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Purple and green – what a combination

Colour: #BA1DEE

Now it’s time for a purple flower.
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Elegant brown – make websites look special

Colour: #3C3229

Brown is not only a popular family name, it’s also a colour that could look very elegant if used right.
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It’s not easy being green

Colour: #91CE24

I start this blog with my all-time-since-i-was-a-child favoured colour: green.
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